Pigeon Control - Peterborough

Professional bird control and proofing

Pest birds such as pigeons can become a real nuisance within built up areas. We offer full control and proofing service to help protect your premises and visitors from the hazards these pests create, such as disease, damage and accidents.

Wire spike system

The wire spike system is very versatile and can be fitted to practically any part of premises where birds may be likely to perch. This includes chimneys, gutters, security cameras, lights and ledges. The prongs are spring loaded lengths of blunt needles and act as a barrier which prevents birds from landing. This form of bird control is effective, discreet and cost effective.


Bird netting can be used outside wherever birds are prone to perch or roost. The netting comes in many different sizes, shapes and colours to blend as discreetly as possible with the building. Areas such as bridges, signs, canopies and shelters can also be covered.

Sprung wire system

This successful and effective method of pest control consists of nylon covered, stainless steel springs with wires tightly fixed between stainless steel pillars. This system is also discreet and barely visible. The sprung wire system can be fitted to most exterior surfaces to prevent birds from alighting on ledges and leaving unsightly and hazardous droppings, which are associated with diseases such as ornithosis.

pigeon guano

Complete pigeon guano cleanup service available to prevent disease and accidents within and around your premises. Removal of pigeon foul will help ensure your premises are healthy and safe for you, your staff and all who visit.